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August 3 - 5, 2001: Dale's Wedding in Maine

Our flight to Portland, Maine, left Nashville at 6:20 in the morning - thanks, Priceline!:) That meant getting up at 4:30 (commonly referred to as "O-dark thirty" around here!) and Dad picking us up to be at the airport at 5:30. On Friday, August 3, it also meant Lori misplacing the piece of paper with the confirmation number on it. Thank goodness I'd read it, and it said that we only needed our ID. That was a nice stressor for the morning, believe me.

So, we went to the airport. The weather in Nashville that morning was hot and SOUPY outside; it was SO humid! I was looking forward to getting to Maine, and cooler weather.

Ken was a little apprehensive about the size of both planes we would be taking;

I was just looking forward to getting off the ground and to Portland! The flights were relatively uneventful; Ken slept most of the way to Boston, which surprised him.:) He had had to work the night before, so I was glad he'd gotten a chance to grab a little more rest. But you should have seen his face when he saw the puddle-jumper we had from Boston to Portland! It had propellors!! LOL!

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Frank, Mom's sister and her husband, met us at the airport. It was good to see them! They had been in Nashville about 18 months previously, and Ken and Frank had a great time. So it was nice knowing Ken could relax around them, since he knew them.:) We picked up the small piece of luggage we'd checked, and out we went - into the weather that I thought we had left! It was SO hot, it felt the exact same as Nashville! Aunt Ruth said it had been like that for a couple of days, but was supposed to break soon. I hoped so!

When we left the airport, we went to a nice restaurant called The Weathervane. The decor was very nice, and it was fun to catch up a little with Ruth & Frank - and get our "land legs" again.:D I had clam strips for lunch, in honor of Dad, and Ken had fried clams. The strips were excellent; I gave some to Ken, and he said they were the best he's ever tasted!:) I tried to tell him. LOL! On the East coast, eat lobster and clams. On the West coast, eat Dungeoness crab and steamers. LOL! Can you tell what I find interesting when I travel?:D

After lunch, we went to Borders Books; Uncle Frank was looking for something. I saw a lot of books I'd love to buy - several on Maine, with lots of beautiful pictures - but we were good, and just browsed. After Uncle Frank purchased his computer game manual, we were off in Aunt Ruth's beautiful car for the trip to their house.

Kelli and Stephen (my sister and BIL) were also staying with Ruth and Frank. They had gone on a schooner trip that morning, and were waiting for us at the house. OH, I forgot.:) On our way back to the house, we stopped and picked up TWENTY pounds of wild Maine blueberries. Sorry to anyone in Michigan, but these blueberries will always win a contest with me.:) They're smaller than cultivated blueberries, but they have so much more taste! Anyway. While Aunt Ruth was paying for the blueberries, a bottle caught my eye. It was filled with pure maple syrup, but it was shaped like a maple leaf. I LOVE unusual bottles, so we got it.:) Ken can eat the syrup - if I can get him to leave the Mrs. Butterworth's and try it - and I'll have a beautiful bottle.:D It was only $10!

SO. We got to their house, and I got to see my sister.:) I've missed Kelli a lot, and we spent a lot of time catching up. The six of us sat around for a few minutes chatting, then Ruth & Frank made us a snack of taco dip and chips and lemonade. (YES, all we did all weekend was EAT! GOODNESS!!:)) The four of us sat around and chatted a little more, then it was time to get freshened up for our trip to the Rockland Lobster Festival.

This is a BIG deal; this was its 54th year, and Aunt Ruth said it attracts people from all over the world. They sure cook a LOT of lobsters!!!!! We left their house around 5:30, and went about 10 minutes to the high school parking lot in Rockland, where we parked both cars and caughta school bus shuttle to the festival.

I had forgotten how BUMPY school buses are - probably blocked it out of my memory....:D

When we got there, Ruth and Frank paid our admission fee for all six of us, and we got wristbands - bright green - to prove we'd paid. And off we headed to the big tent to get dinner before we walked around. Ken got a two lobster dinner, and I got a one. It was EXCELLENT; sometimes it's hard to remember how good REALLY FRESH seafood tastes.:)Kelli got some steamers - Stephen got two lobsters, and they were going to share the whole caboodle - but the steamers weren't cleaned well for me. I had debated getting some, so I was glad I didn't. Kelli started not feeling well; I think she had a lot of headaches that weekend. Well, we had fun eating dinner!:) After dinner, we headed out to see the sights.>

Ken loves me!:) He tried to win me a huge Pooh stuffed animal, but to no avail. My gallant hero, he tries to make me happy!:)We wandered around the booths for a while, while Frank kept meeting people he knows and talking. The only real adventure we had was when a man parked a wheelbarrow with a cooler of lobsters on top of my foot. Thank God it wasn't TOO heavy! I wanted to buy a t-shirt, but they didn't have one in my size. Kelli and Stephen bought some saltwater taffy for me to take back for Mom.:) Then, we headed back up for the shuttle - and missed one by about 30 seconds. So, we sat and waited for the next one, witnessing a beautiful sunset - and some GLORIOUS coastal breezes.

Home we went, where Ruth had made a yummy frozen dessert for us. We sat around and chatted for a while - kind of until my brain fell asleep.:) Then, we all went off to our respective bedrooms, and Ken and I took our time falling asleep. And that was the end of the first day.:)

Saturday, August 4.

August 4, 2001

Everyone else got up before I did. I was really tired, and Ken had told me to sleep some more when he got up at 7:30. So, I did.:) I got up around 8:45 and took a shower to wake up a little. It was still pretty humid, but not nearly as hot as Friday. When I went upstairs, Aunt Ruth had gone to run an errand, and Uncle Frank had gone to a family reunion. They'd left me a place at the table, and there were donuts and fruit salad out for me for breakfast. It was really pretty, and I enjoyed leisurely eating my breakfast while looking out their big picture window at the mountains and birds.

We had agreed to all leave for Dale and Kara's wedding around 11; that would give us three hours to drive, find the church, grab some lunch, and show up a little early to get to see family.:) Kelli and Stephen went in their rental car, and Aunt Ruth was gracious enough to allow us to use her car. Ken wore his dark pinstripe suit, black shirt, and Pooh tie (He was going to take the tie with Pooh and hearts, but somehow, ended up gettting the "Up, Down, Touch the Ground" one instead....); he had bought me a new dress to wear for the wedding. It's bright blue, with a white shirt, and on the vest is pretty pink and silver embroidered flowers. Kelli wore a pretty red dress with tiny white polkadots on it, and Stephen wore a dress shirt and tie with dark trousers.

Armed with the camera, lots of film, and the present from Mom and Dad, we set out. We followed Kelli and Stephen for a little while, then lost them. The drive down was uneventful, and we easily found the church. We drove down into Boothbay, and found a little "China By the Sea" restaurant, which we ate at. I wasn't impressed, but it was nice to have a little time to breathe!

We ended up at the church at about 1:30, and Dan came out of the church just as we drove up. BOY, did he look hot! He was one of the groomsmen, and they looked VERY snappy - but hot.:)

Doug came out in a few minutes,and GOODNESS! has he grown up. I introduced Ken to both of them, and went into the church. It was WARM in there! We went to the front of the church, and picked up the program. We got a chance to say hello to Dale, who looked incredibly calm, poised, and debonaire! About ten minutes later, more relatives came in, and Ken got to meet all of my dad's siblings that day! Plus most of my cousins on Dad's side; only Craig, my dad's older brother's younger son (HA! Try figuring that one out!:D), remains for Ken to meet.

We had great seats, being about the third row back. It was a beautiful old church, and the windows were thrown wide open to catch the stray ocean breeze - thankfully! Ken was bothered by the heat, which is unusual, but everyone made it thru the wedding without fainting.:) It was a beautiful service, and the flowers and bridesmaids were beautiful.

After the service, we all drove indvidually down to the Harbor, where Dale and Kara were having their reception. We wandered around on the front lawn, getting to talk to everyone; servers flitted thru the crowds with lovely appetizers, and there was also a punch (or water!) station.

About forty-five minutes after we arrived, Dale and Kara drove up in the car; I'm pretty sure it was an early-model Rolls Royce, VERY beautiful and classic car.

>They mingled on the lawn with everyone, and then we were led around the hotel to the back lawn by the harbor, where there was a large tent set up for dinner.

Everything was beautiful, and very tastefully done or presented. We were blessed enough to be seated with Uncle Herb, Aunt Pam, Dan and his wife, Jeannette, and Dad's cousin, Jane. Also, Dale and Kara's table wasn't very far away!

Dale went out of his way to let me know how much he appreciated us being there. He really made me feel special, and I appreciate that about him so much!

The afternoon went by in a blur; we got to talk to a lot of family, and enjoyed talking to everyone - and taking pictures.:) It was so wonderful to see the family again; hopefully, it won't be that long until the NEXT time we get to see them. We also hope to make it to see Aunt Ruth (Dad's sister) and Uncle Brian and Karen - and we're planning on at least ONE of us being at Joy's wedding next year.

The four of us (Ken and me, Stephen and Kelli) left around 7:30. Ken and I stopped at a restaurant whose name is evading me at the moment (I think it was Coyote Bob's?!), and had a nice liesurely dinner. Ken ordered a seafood salad, and it was HUGE. Had LOTS of fresh seafood on top - YUM.:)I had the turf and surf and surf - a small ribeye with scallops and shrimp. I shoulda just had the surf portion, but it was an excellent meal! We got to Ruth and Frank's about 9:30, driving thru pretty thick fog with no mishap. Ken tried to fool Aunt Ruth by telling her her airbags worked....:)

We chatted a little longer, and then we went to our separate rooms. I got almost all my stuff packed, and Ken said he'd wait until Sunday morning to pack his things. We each read a little bit, then fell asleep - oh, I forgot to mention that he and I were sleeping in twin beds, in the grandkids' room.:)

And that ended our only full day in Maine.

Sunday, August 5.

August 5, 2001

Well, there's not a whole lot to tell about this day - although it was INCREDIBLY long! We all got up around the same time - I'd say 8-ish - and ate some of the Dunkin Donuts we'd picked up. Then, Uncle Frank decided he wanted to make some blueberry pancakes. YUM!!!!!!!!!!! He took GOOD care of us, believe me.:D After we ate, he and Ken went to look at a $2 million house he's building for Mr. Picker - of Picker Radiographic - and I took a deep breath and packed Ken's stuff up.:)

Stephen started loading the car, and when Ken got back, we finished loading the car and Kelli got directions to the airport from Uncle Frank while Ken and I looked at some pictures of the grandkids, and Uncle Frank's book (Aunt Ruth does Creative Memories!) of his construction sites over the past few years. And then we ate AGAIN.:D

Ooooh, it was a YUMMY meal,too. We had fresh scallop casserole - the moans of pleasure over each bite made conversation a little difficult....:D Also, green beans from the garden, potatoes, and peas. Oh, and then there was the fresh blueberry pie. Oh, BOY, was that good.

Then came time to say goodbye. What gracious, wonderful hosts my aunt and uncle were. (Thank you again, if you come by to read this!:)) Kelli drove us in their rental car - she's a fantastic driver! I don't know why, but she's one of the VERY few people I've ever ridden with who don't make me at ALL nervous. Hmm. Interesting.:) ANYWAY. We got there with plenty of time; Kelli and Stephen decided to check in at American before they turned in their car. Their flight had been CANCELLED. They had to go to United, and fly to Chicago later in the day, then on to Austin via American from there. Poor things! It was a stressful time for them.

Meanwhile, Ken and I checked in and got put on standby for a flight that left about two hours before ours was scheduled to go. The reason for that, they said, was that this earlier flight was definitely going to go out, but ours might be delayed or even cancelled. The agent told us it was a long shot, so we didn't really think anything of it. We went upstairs to the restaurant, and got a corner table where we could all sit. My friend Nettie, from the Augusta area, drove down with a friend of hers to meet me - we'd been sitting in there for about thirty minutes when I heard, "Passenger Pooh, please meet your party at the information desk.":D Well, I KNEW that was me, but I didn't know where the desk was! I ran down to the bottom level of the airport, and there she was - with a beautiful blue bear (whom I've named Bluebearry:D) for ME! He is my only souvenir; we'd visited for maybe thirty minutes when I hear our last name over the loudspeaker - well, kinda. "Stigler (how most EVERYONE says it the first time!) party of two, report to gate two IMMEDIATELY!" WELL, I said, "Ken, that's US they're calling!" We grabbed stuff, and Nettie came with us; we got to the security, and Nettie said, "Lori, just push through! Go on!" So, I started the "Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me" stuff, and got up there. Ken was right behind me; he told me to leave my stuff for him to grab, and for me to go to the gate. So, I did - and while I'm hurrying away, I hear this voice from way behind say, "GOODBYE, LORI!" I turned, yelled back - BYE, NETTIE!!! and ran.:D

We took off five minutes later, almost two hours ahead of schedule. Phew! BUT, when we got to Logan (in Boston), the first thing I did was check the departure schedule. Yup. Our plane to Nashville was now delayed almost two hours.

We ended up being in Logan, sitting and reading the whole time, for EIGHT hours. Needless to say, we were glad when we finally got on the plane - after the time we were supposed to be landing in Nashville!

We walked in the door of our apartment at about 1:35 a.m. Home looked GOOD. We had a great trip, and we want to go back when we can take our time and meet the rest of the family:), but it was nice to sleep in our bed again.


P.S. Watch for more pictures when they come back from the developer.:D

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