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Hi, Skeeter!

Here's our favorite Skeeter, stopping by to wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Welcome, Debbie!

And now Debbie, glad to be celebratng with us!

And next, June and Stan make their entrance...

So glad you could come join us in wishing Suzy-Q and The Bakery Shoppe a happy FOURTH anniversary!
What a great smile!

What a great way to meet Nyala - thanks for dropping in!
It's Joy and PJ!

Well, I lost the pic once, but Joy was gracious enough to send it again!:)
Thank you, Joy!! And what a beautiful couple you are!

Hi, Deb!

Sorry the pic is SO big; I can't get it to crop!:) But we wanted to have Deb
stop by and say HELLO!

SO nice to meet you, Mark!!!

All right, Mark!!!!! It took some work, but Mark decided to let us meet him
face-to-face tonight.:) Thanks, Mark.