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Grab a cup of coffee, and get comfy....


Hi! Welcome to the Bakery Shoppe Anniversary Pages! Things got a little crazy,
so you may be surprised at how different the pages are from each other. :) Please
be patient, and enjoy seeing the visitors who stopped by to say hello, and the
recipes from some of us.

We are celebrating our ListMom, Suzy Lewis, and all her love and assistance. She
has made the Shoppe into a place that welcomes everyone - including our pets.:)

Suzy, I hope you enjoy these pages! May the Shoppe have many, many more years!

List of Anniversary Links

Anniversary Recipes
The beginning of the recipes....
Recipes, page 2
The second page of recipes!
Anniversary Photo Album
The photo album with 10 pictures....
More photos!
This is a regular webpage with more pictures.:)
Ken and Lori's Home Page!
If you want to visit, PLEASE feel free!!!!!