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What WILL the future bring????

It's been suggested to me by a good online friend (Thanks, Sunny!:D) that I start a "Our Relationship" page, to kind of give those of you interested in us a place to see how we're doing together. More than WHAT we are doing together, it will be a page to tell you the "romantical" things Ken does for me, and our special trips, etc. In other words, how God is growing our love for one another. I happen to think it's a pretty great idea - I love telling the world how special Ken is!:) SO, check out the new link, and let me know what you think.:) Pray for us when you think of us, and keep in touch!:)

Here's what I'm praying the future will bring: better health for Dad and Mom, less stress all around. :D A plan for Kaisa's future, and her knowledge of God to grow. I'm also praying that God will provide us with a way to be able to become more financially stable, and able to bless others physically, ABUNDANTLY!!! Please pray that God will give Kenn a direction for his writing; I still believe there's a book he's written, but doesn't know how to end.

Prayer for us and for our future is ALWAYS welcome! So are comments, recommendations, suggestions - YOU NAME IT!:D

Ken & Lori

God will make a way, when there seems to be no way! Only trust Him, only trust HIM!

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