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OUR ANNIVERSARY - September 7, 2000

Yesterday was our fourth anniversary, and I wanted to share with you how wonderful my husband is.:)

On Wednesday evening, he came home from work with a gift bag.:D He handed it to me, saying, "Happy Pre-Anniversary!" Inside was a really wonderful card, a Pooh brag book, Jim Brickman's newest CD, and a couple of mini chocolate bars.:)

Ken's been meeting me at my workplace all week, in the early mornings, to tell each other to have a good day.:) It's really a highlight of my day, just because he takes the time to do this with me. Yesterday, he kept singing, "Happy Anniversary...":D He's so cute!!!!

I purchased two I LOVE YOU balloons and one HAPPY ANNIVERSARY balloon and a rose bouquet, and took them - along with a cassette player with the song, "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" all cued up - to the Hotel to deliver to him. I had to walk across the Hotel to do so, but they got to the front desk and were waiting for him. He was quite surprised, I think.:)

Ken made reservations at the Old Hickory Restaurant, the largest restaurant in TN, for 7:00. When I went home from the dentist - UGH! - I tried to decide what to wear. It was a difficult choice!!!!:) I settled on a long black skirt with floral print, slit up the sides, and a pink short-sleeved turtleneck, and the cross-in-a-heart necklace he gave me as a wedding present. I took my time getting ready, and played the new CD while taking my bath and putting on my makeup.:D

He got home around 5:15, and took a shower and got ready. We chatted a little, and then left around 6. Ken had a stop to make for work, then we went in the newly-remodeled Cascades Lobby. It's really quite nice - lots more light, which I like. I hate feeling like you're going to get mugged!:) Then, we walked to the restaurant.

As we walked to the table, I saw a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and American Beauty roses sitting on it.:) Ken had had them delivered there, so they'd be there when we got there. We were also right beside the piano, and where we could watch the 80-foot fountain during the show.:)

This restaurant is not for the person who hates to spend money! Everything is charged for!:) I had a shrimp cocktail(I can't get the spelling to look right on that!:D), a petite fillet mignon, and a baked potato. Ken had lobster bisque (IT WAS GROSS, I thought!!!!) and garlic shrimp on pasta. The fillet was absolutely FANTASTIC, melt-in-your-mouth tender. I really enjoyed dinner. And they took plenty of time getting everything out, so we had a nice, relaxing evening, chatting with the piano player, talking about various things going on in our lives, and watching the fountain show. The chef made a little torte for us for our anniversary. It was pretty, but pretty tasteless, too.:D The best thing was the strawberry decorating it!:D

When we got home, it was time for the news and to go to sleep. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening, good food, great scenery - especially his beautiful eyes across the table!:D - and good music.

So. Don't you think he's pretty wonderful, too????:)

Christmas, 2000
This picture was taken on December 29, 2000, while Kaisa was here for Christmas. It was a great visit! The night we had the picture taken, it snowed pretty hard. Afterward, we went over to my parents' house for dinner. We also used their hot tub. :)What a treat!

Our plans for being together this fall!

Well, we were able to go up to Dayton, OH, in July 2004 to visit our dear friends there, and go see Joe Fisher's direction of the show MUSIC MAN. It was a lot of fun, and felt really awesome to get out of town together.:) So, we're planning on heading back up that way in the beginning of October, to be in Richmond one of the days of the Fourth Street Fair. Last year, we went thru Metamorah, for Canal Days. It was a lot of fun, too! I'm not sure what our plans are going to be for the whole trip, but I cannot WAIT. Fall is my favorite time of year. Well, one of my favorites. :) Christmas will come close on October's heels! We're still trying to plan to get back to Oregon in May of 2005. With my not working, finances tend to be really tight. I'm definitely not complaining, though! :) Who knows what God has in store?


Part of my Christmas present was a trip to Cincinnati; it's planned for mid-March. I'm SO looking forward to getting some alone time again! It's sad, but we seem to need to get out of town to get away from distractions and obligations - so we're going to!!! :) We're also planning our vow renewal in Oregon for our TENTH anniversary. It's hard to believe, but it's true! This Valentine's Day marks our tenth year of getting together. God is so good!

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