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Ken and Lori: Past, Present, and Future!

Hi! We're Ken & Lori! We've named this page our Past, Present, and Future, to introduce our new friends to our past and to keep current friends and family up-to-date on what we are currently doing, and what we plan to do! It hasn't been easy, with family scattered all over the States, but we're going to attempt to keep this page current! Keep checking back for changes, and keep us informed about what you are doing by signing our guestbook.:) We love you all! What follows is a picture from just before we left Indiana in April of 1996, just after our engagement. What a lot has happened since then! We met online, and after some interesting complications, decided in February '96 that we were serious about each other. Ken flew to Indiana to meet me on March 1. He proposed and I accepted on March 2, and he met Mom and Dad on March 3.:) It was quite a whirlwind weekend! He left the next morning, very early, and I was incredibly lonesome. My soulmate had left. The plan WAS that we would visit each other a couple of times during the summer, and go ahead and get married in September of 1996. Then, we got our phone bills! AUGH! We decided it would be more responsible if we moved me to Oregon, got an apartment for me there, and kept my other apartment in Richmmond for the summer. So, that's what we did. We were married on September 7, 1996. My youngest sister, Kelli, was my maid of honor. My best girlfriend, Rhonda, was my matron of honor. Ken's friend and accountant, Arthur, was his best man. Jack - aka Tigger! - was his second groomsman. Kaisa, Ken's then-13-year-old daughter, was our junior bride, and Blaine, a theater friend of mine who lives in Ohio, was our junior groomsman. It was a wonderful wedding.:) We drove back to Oregon, where we lived in Bend for two months before moving to the coast. Florence, Oregon, was our home for two years before we felt God move us to Nashville, Tennessee. Arriving almost penniless but not homeless, my wonderful parents let us live with them for six months before we moved into a beautiful apartment - on the third floor of an apartment complex with very inadequate parking! Ken started work for the Opryland Hotel, and not quite two years later, left them and started work at the Sheraton Music City - as a front desk manager. I worked for a small medical physicists company until November 2, 2001 - when I got "laid off". (Read "squeezed out".) In March of 2002, Ken got hired at Dolce Skamania Lodge in Washington, so out we moved again. That didn't last long, and in May 2003, we headed out again. Now, you'll have to go to our PRESENT PAGE to find out what's happening with us now!

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